Find Out How Man assaults woman traffic constable in Thane

Two years after Shiv Sena worker Shashikant Kalgude beat her up just because she was doing her job, Thane traffic constable Seema Kale is still awaiting justice.

While she received overwhelming support post the incident, and an FIR was also filed against Kalgude, his advocate filed a discharge application in court last month alleging she hit Kalgude first.The incident had occurred on February 25, 2016, when Kale was posted with the traffic department. Around 11.30 am that day, Kalgude was driving his Scorpio towards the Cadbury junction in Thane.

Kale saw Kalgude talking on his phone. She stopped him and asked him to show his licence, upon which Kalgude allegedly got angry and began yelling and assaulting her. An undeterred Kale hit him back. The whole incident was captured on CCTV.

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