Gauri Lankesh Murder: Stunning twist as accused claims to be unfairly targeted

The special investigation team, probing murder of activist-journalist Gauri Lankesh, suffered a huge embarrassment on Saturday after two of the 12 accused arrested in the case alleged the SIT had offered them a bribe of Rs 30 lakh to confess to the crime.

The two accused, Parashuram Waghmore and Manohar Edave, made these startling claims before the media while being escorted by the police to the city civil court in Bengaluru.

“SIT is trying to frame us. I don’t know who Gauri Lankesh was. But now the SIT is forcing me to admit to the crime and offered me Rs 30 lakh. The police claim all the accused are linked. But I am seeing the other accused for the first time only after my arrest,” said Waghmore.

“The police took my signature on blank sheets of paper and then recorded our statements. They threaten us saying they will frame my family members if I don’t yield to their pressure tactics. The SIT is responsible for any harm caused to me or my family,” added Waghmore.

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