New MG SUV, possible Hyundai Creta rival, spotted testing in India

It could be the third SUV that MG is planning to launch in India in 2020.

The spotted vehicle is a Creta-sized compact SUV.

A Creta-sized MG compact SUV has been spotted testing for the first time in India. The camouflaged test mule looks similar to the 510 compact SUV from Baojun. MG or Morris Garages has recently opened its brand-owned showroom. In Gurugram and will launch its debutant product, the Hector mid-size SUV, in Q2 2019.

MG is reportedly studying its compact SUV contender with this left-hand-drive camouflaged test mule. If greenlighted, the 510-based SUV might launch in 2020 as MG’s third product as announced, after the upcoming Hector and all-electric SUV, both of which will launch in 2019. The India-spec SUV would primarily go up against the Hyundai Creta along with the Kia SP-based SUV, Nissan Kicks and the Renault Duster.


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