Flight secrets: The simple trick to ease flight fear revealed by top hypnotist

For some holidaymakers, the thought of having to step foot on a plane. Is enough to put a stop to travelling overseas altogether. Others who choose to brave it on board an aircraft often do so with the help of a stiff drink or two. Or riddled with nerves throughout the journey. Those venturing to long-haul destinations are consequently in for a less than enjoyable flight ahead of their final destination. Yet top hypnotist Aaron Calvert, who has been practising for 10 years, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to offer some support in travellers’ times of trouble.

He explained the basic principles of hypnotism, which he classes as “internalised feeling and relaxation”, could be applied to breathing techniques.

Simple focus on inhale and exhale methods, he claims, can help to ease flight fear and “is one of the ways to get someone into a hypnotic state”.

Aaron explained how humans are only born with two fears – the fear of loud noises, and the fear of falling.

He said: “Neither fear is involved in flying.

“For anyone who has a fear of flying – fear is generally stemmed from something, or an experience or something someone has told them – so it is a learned experience.

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