Unknown historical facts about Aryabhata

Aryabhata was one of the greatest Indian mathematicians and space exploration experts.

Aryabhatta composed many numerical and temporal texts; Of these, ‘Aryabhatiya’ was his first major work, which he completed when he was only twenty three years old.

Aryabhatiya consists of several branches of mathematics such as algebra, arithmetic, and spherical trigonometry.

He was able to find out the value of the pi and he also told. That the pi is an irrational number.

He was the first mathematician who created and defined the tables of sin and cosine.

Aryabhata has given the name of the initial 10 decimal places and also explained how to find square root, co-ordinate the arithmetic series and solve indeterminate equations.

Aryabhatta worked on the value system and used zero for the first time, using letters to indicate the numbers and point to the properties.

He said that the number of days in one year is 365, with a week of seven days and he pioneered an annual calander.

He also provided the circumference of the Earth and the radius of the planets and their axes.

In his last days, Aryabhata composed another book, ‘Aryabhatta-Siddhanta’

It is a booklet to test the auspicious time to perform rituals along with every day astronomical calculations.


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