“Did Kajal Aggarwal forget to wear her Pants?” – Netizens Troll

Kajal Aggarwal’s fashion sense has definitely been hitting a new low these days as the actress is completely running out of clues. She often wears outfits designed by her favorite designer Archana Mehta. Her hairstyle will be done by Ashwini.
But, these days, Kajal Aggarwal has hit a new low in her fashion sense and we can see she is going weird rather than being unique. She often faces criticism for wearing such outfits too. She either goes glamor by cleavage-revealing attires or in a weird outfit.

Now, her latest photoshoot click has been trolled ruthlessly on the social media too. She was seen wearing a short frock with a jeans overcoat and her hairdo was totally contrasting. Netizens started to troll her that she forgot to wear pants and her recent clicks went viral. You can take a look at the photos below,


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