Learn Divine Knowledge from Lord Shri Krishna

Lord Krishna was born in Mathura about 3229 years ago. Shrikrishna was like a new creation of spiritual and temporal fate. Shrikrishna was born in Dwaparagh. According to Hindu mythology, he remained on this earth for 125 years.

His life was a struggle but he resolved every problem in his every struggle with his discretion, intelligence and better strategic way. Shrikrishna was a better perfectionist. Whether it is the Mahabharata period or the death of his uncle Kansa, he did all the work from a large extent.

Shrikrishna was born in very unusual circumstances.  Then Vasudev left Shri Krishna in Vraj here and brought him to Yashoda.

  • Lord Vishnu’s human incarnation Shrikrishna was perfect with a lamp. Any leverage they take on the earth, they learn how to get out of some uneven circumstances. His life was a treasure of fine arts such as poetry, music, painting, sculpture. So even today, when we listen to Sri Krishna’s leela carefully, we get pleasure. Which inspires us to do better.
  • A child, a brother, a warrior, a disciple, a guru, a shepherd, an angel and the dear Kanha of the gopis have been talking about every millennium. They have grown up listening to the leelas made in Dwapar era. We can never forget these mythological stories, because these are the stories that inspire us to do great things like taking inspiration from Sri Krishna’s life. These are the stories that teach us how to live.
  • Wins and necklaces are in life. Both of them lived in Shrikrishna’s life. But his smile never went out of his face. He left his body with his divine smile. His talk should never be lost in any situation in life. Such a lucid lesson teaches.
  • Complete life of Shrikrishna, extraordinary activities are full. Having lived on earth, he did many extraordinary works.

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