Learn Divine Knowledge from Lord Shri Krishna

Lord Krishna was born in Mathura about 3229 years ago. Shrikrishna was like a new creation of spiritual and temporal fate. Shrikrishna was born in Dwaparagh. According to Hindu mythology, he remained on this earth for 125 years.

His life was a struggle but he resolved every problem in his every struggle with his discretion, intelligence and better strategic way. Shrikrishna was a better perfectionist. Whether it is the Mahabharata period or the death of his uncle Kansa, he did all the work from a large extent.

Shrikrishna was born in very unusual circumstances. His mother Devaki and father Vasudev were kept in jail by Mama Kans. Before Krishna, his 6 brothers and sisters were given birth by Kans and they slept in death. Then Vasudev left Shri Krishna in Vraj here and brought him to Yashoda. All of this were fascinated by the elegant image of Kanha. That is how we have been our previous state of affairs, every moment that comes forward should be made so that people respect us.

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