Terrifying parachute accidents!

In all honesty, the sport of skydiving is relatively safe. According to most sources, skydiving fatalities (on average) amount to about 30 out of every 100,000 jumps. ?An individual is more likely to die in a car accident than face death as the result of skydiving.? Or for a more comparative analogy: scuba diving averages more deaths ? about 47 out of 100,000 dives.

That said, the chances of me diving from jumping out of a perfectly functioning aircraft are about as great as catching me swimming in shark-infested waters ? it just ain?t gonna happen.? Nevertheless, my personal opinion aside, hundreds of thousands of folks jump out of planes every year ? recreationally, competitively, and occupationally ? with the vast majority of these people reaching the ground safely.? The thing about skydiving, though, is that when something goes terribly wrong ? parachutes not opening or some similar catastrophic failure/mishap ? then your options become very limited.? Hurtling toward the earth at speeds in excess of 100 mph?well, one can imagine what the end result is, more often than not.

Surprisingly, however, not every skydiving accident ends with a horrific and bloody pile of smashed body parts.? In fact, a fairly high number of folks (relatively speaking) have actually survived harrowing skydiving plunges (and impacts) that should have resulted in death.? Here are the ones that lived to tell the tale ? the Top 10 Skydiving Accident Survivors.



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