Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Makes Kanye West Follow

We’ve all heard about the rules Kanye West has for Kim Kardashian; they concern everything from what she wears to what she tweets about. But what most people don’t know is that Kim has a set of rules for Kanye to follow as well. We’ll let you know what restrictions are keeping their marriage together. Although Kanye West has one kid related job he really hates, Kim expects him to step it up in case of an emergency. Kanye may have banned phones from dinner time, but Kim insists he pull his phone out a little more often. While Kanye isn’t allowed to criticize Kim’s selfie game, he’s also supposed to be keeping their relationship struggles a secret. After learning the rules of their relationship, tell us if you think Kim and Kanye balance each other out, or if they’re setting themselves up to fail.

320 Replies to “Strict Rules Kim Kardashian Makes Kanye West Follow”

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