“Can’t Wait To See What The Future Holds!”

Let me tell you what the future holds. I saw what it holds.

Paying $400 for a textbook about something you don’t want to know anything about. Midnight stress-eating a bag of Cheetos that probably makes your insides orange, and hating yourself for liking it. Gaining 15 lbs. Your first all-nighter, and not because you can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy but because you are dying over that $400 book. When you finally hear the birds chirping at dawn, and it’s not a beautiful morning symphony but a sign that you have failed, once again. That’s what the future holds.Let me tell you what the future holds. I saw what it holds.

I’ll tell you what the future holds.

It holds wonderful adventures and unexpected turns and some of the best people you’ll ever meet. It holds your first big love of your life. It holds unforgettable sunsets in completely new places that will become your own. It is about to show you what your next big dream is going to be. It is going to give you heartache that will make you strong and kind, if you’re wise. It is waiting for you to introduce you to the ones who will change your life. It is waiting to introduce you to yourself.

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