Cancer – Alarming Facts

As we move into 2018, our modern life style is creating havoc in the health scene. This is significant since we as a society is sill under a myth regarding the Kerala model of health care. The situation is alarming even though our health care indices are still the best in the country. Move towards a digital era has brought with it all the perils of unhealthy life style. Most alarming is the fact that, at the drop of a hat, we are forcing even infants to watch tabs and the idiot box incessantly in the guise of feeding them and pacifying them. We are thus forgoing any chance of recovery for another generation purely for our comfort.

Currently we are effected by severe diseases linked to unhealthy life styles which account to cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases & significantly influence the cost for health care systems. February 4 th is marked as international World Cancer Day. The prime objective of such a day is to raise awareness of cancer & encourage its prevention, detection & treatment. From 2016- 2018 this is taking place under the tag line ‘’We can I can’’ This is to explore how every one as a collective or individuals can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer. This is a very relevant concept in our present situation 

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