Over 60% women suffer from insomnia in late pregnancy : A Study

A study revealed that pregnant women suffer from insomnia in the first trimester of pregnancy, which increases in the second trimester and third trimester. The study also revealed that other factors, such as obesity and whether or not the women have already had children, can have an impact on sleep patterns.

It’s safe to assume many new parents aren’t sleeping as much as they’d like, but according to the National Sleep Foundation many pregnant women also suffer from insomnia. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to insomnia. Pregnant women may also have trouble sleeping due to heartburn, having to use the bathroom more frequently or worries about giving birth. There are ways mothers-to-be can help ensure they get a good night’s sleep like calming jittery nerves before bed, manage heartburn early and limit nightly bathroom breaks. Also the big secret is to get yourself comfortable early in the night.

Here are the tips to fight Insomonia During Pregnancy Find out:



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